Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Supper at the Beach House

We're at the beach this week. We're a sand and water and sunshine kind of family.

The dining room table at our beach house was calling my name, so I dug through the kitchen cabinets and found various pieces to pull together to make a table setting.  There were several small things (like ribbon and candles and flowers) that I'd wished I'd had.  Giving in to ho-hum would have said that it wasn't going to be just right, so it wasn't going to happen at all.  But truly enjoying life and loving where you are doesn't wait for situations to be perfect.  The fun thing about beauty is that you can create it wherever you are.

Random, whimsical, mismatched pieces can become delightful when put together.  Number one rule: USE and LOVE what you have.  Approach things you already have with a different perspective and appreciate the beauty that is already there.


  1. It's a lovely table setting! Just seems to encourage tranquility and fun. You're very good at that.

  2. Was drawn to the "Beach" label on this post...I know it's not recent, but I'd seen it when you posted it and hadn't commented...thought I'd do so now! I think the setting you've got is lovely, and know what you mean about wishing you'd had candles/ribbons, etc. One of my FAV things to do is to decorate a table with nature...if you're at a beach, you've got little scalloped shells everywhere...gather a handful, wash them in suds, then put them in a glass bowl or small glass, and add to the table. Or, simply scatter them about the table itself, no bowl. You could also put beach sand in a bowl, and put just a few shells on top of that. Driftwood, fallen branches, all can be simply set along the middle of the table in between the S&P shakers and serving bowls to enhance the decor.
    At Thanksgiving, I love to decorate with gourds, squashes, and nuts still in the shells (buy at the grocery in the bulk foods section). Here's a link to an old blog post that has pics of my table:
    At Christmas, I use the same nuts (I store them in a ziplock baggie in the freezer, they'll keep for re-use for years) but exchange the squashes for citrus fruits. Clip a few branches off one of your evergreens, or gather some of those GORGEOUS Georgia pinecones, and you have a lovely and inexpensive table setting!

    Anyway, decorate with the nature and foods that are right around'll seldom go wrong!

    Love and {{{HUGS}}},

    1. Lori,

      I agree: decorating with nature is a great and cost-effective way to liven things up year round! Your table (and your home) are always inspiring and beautiful! I love how you do so much with the seasons. :) I'm getting ready to bring in some pinecones and pumpkins; I love the fall colors!