Monday, August 12, 2013

Paper Crafting: Wedding Scrapbook

One of my favorite pastimes is paper crafting.  Mostly that means making cards and home decor, but occasionally I venture into scrapbooking.  For our wedding pictures I wanted something more personal than just an album printed by an online company (although I think those are really neat too); I wanted it to be more special and meaningful.  I wanted to put as much of our personality into a picture book as I could.  So out came the mountain of craft supplies.

A lot of the little touches that I put on each page are handmade.  But some of the sweet little extras I picked up at Hobby Lobby, along with the paper.  I love Hobby Lobby; you might say I'm addicted.  And the great thing about it is that if it's not on sale this week, it probably will be next week.  I got most everything at about 50% off.  A way to save money and tie the whole album together is to pick out just a couple extras (such as stickers) and then spread them across several pages. 

Our beautiful wedding pictures were taken by Evangeline Renee.  As you can tell from the sub-par pictures below, I'm still learning to use my camera...

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