Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Our Cozy New Home

Last year was a big year for us. First, we started our family. Then we moved our family into our little one bedroom apartment. It was small and sweet and perfect for us. Later on in the year our little boy joined us and that led to our latest expansion - moving into a bigger two bedroom apartment! We are loving the extra space and I know when our little one starts crawling around, he's going to love it too. Several have asked for pictures of our new place, so I am posting them! We decided to put paint on the walls this time and we have several pictures hung, but there is still a lot I am hoping to do before I say it's finished! But that's the great part of decorating your home - there can be projects on the to-do list, but it can still feel like home.  So I am sharing the pictures of our home now, instead of waiting until it's completely finished. May it encourage you to work with what you've got and make your house a home in the midst of the everyday.


 I love candles! They are one of the greatest ways to make a place feel homey and welcoming. This one is from my dear mother-in-law and smells like mint chocolate...yummmm.

A word to the wise - red paint take numerous coats to make it red instead of pink. This may be my only red kitchen...

Sorry for the dark picture. This wall in our office space off the kitchen is brown.

Details make a house a home! This wicker trash basket is perfect for our beach themed main bathroom.

The wording on the wall is a DIY applique that my sweet sister gave me for Christmas.

Haven't figured out a great way to hide wires from the nightstands, but this pictures shows the gold detail on the lamp next to the grey wall.

Baby's little cradle...but he has almost grown too big for it!

You will notice I don't have any pictures up of the nursery. There are several projects I am wanting to do for that room and I am in the middle of a couple right now. As soon as those are done, then the nursery will be its own post.

I will also be posting as I get to do the projects around the apartment that I'm wanting to, so keep checking back for great DIY ideas!


  1. Beautiful! I just love the wall grouping in your dining room. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing, Joanna! You've done a beautiful job decorating!
    I especially love the grouping of artwork in your dining room wall, and your choice of nic-nacs, colors and patterns in the family room! :D
    ~Jenny Y.